ARIA Ariadne New York 4 Dec.1981 Dec.1983
BOWMER Bowers and Merena Wolfeboro 3 Nov.1985 Nov.1994
CNG CNG Lancaster 103 May.1987 Jan.2014
CNGe CNGe Lancaster 3 Jan.2006 Jan.2013
COIN Coin Galleries New York 44 Aug.1956 Dec.2009
DAV Davissons Cold Spring, MN 1 Apr.1998 Apr.1998
DM Dmitry Markov New York 3 Sep.1996 Dec.1998
ELDO El Dorado San Antonio 1 Jan.1986 Jan.1986
FANDS Freeman & Sear Santa Monica 14 Mar.1995 Jan.2012
GEM Gemini 11 Jan.2005 Jan.2014
GLDB Goldberg Beverly Hills 13 Jun.2000 Sep.2012
HANS Hans Schulman New York 8 Apr.1962 Feb.1973
HCHR Christensen New York 1 Jul.1965 Jul.1965
HJB Harkan J Berk Chicago 15 Jul.1987 Mar.2013
HTG Heritage Long Beach 5 Jun.2006 Jan.2010
KENDE Kende New York 1 Mar.1944 Mar.1944
KOLBE Kolbe Crestline 15 Dec.1997 Jul.2017
MALT Malter Encino 5 Feb.1978 Nov.1994
MGNTH Morgenthau New York 3 Oct.1934 May.1935
MUNZ-USA M&M Numismatics Washington DC 1 Dec.1997 Dec.1997
NASCA NASCA 1 Aug.1978 Aug.1978
NFA NFA Beverly Hills 40 Apr.1960 May.1994
NYS NY SALE New York 33 Dec.1998 Jan.2015
RAR Rarcoa 4 Mar.1983 Apr.1987
REN Renaissance Philadelphia 1 Aug.2000 Aug.2000
RJM RJ Meyers New York 1 Nov.1971 Nov.1971
STKS Stacks New York 41 Jan.1938 Jan.2010
SUP Superior Beverly Hills 19 Jun.1972 Feb.2005
WADD Waddell Frederick, MD 1 Sep.1987 Sep.1987
WW World-Wide Santa Rosa 63 Mar.1982 May.2011
30 Auction Houses - 458 Auctions
This Table shows a summary of Auction Houses for this country.
Also shown are the number & dates of those auctions in the rnumis database;
While many are present, many are still missing and will be entered as time allows.
Click the blue links for detailed auction information for each House.