ARS Ars Classica - Naville & Cie Geneva 18 Mar.1921 Oct.1938
AST AstArte Lugano 15 Mar.1998 Jun.2010
AUCS Auctiones Basel 16 Dec.1973 Jun.2003
BASEL Muunzhandlung Basel Basel 10 Jun.1934 Mar.1938
CHPN Chaponniere 11 May.2010 Nov.2019
GAL Galerie des Monnaies Geneva 6 Oct.1970 Oct.1981
HESS-AG Hess Luzern (postwar) Luzern 21 May.1951 Feb.1993
HESS-DIVO Hess-Divo Zurich 60 May.1995 Dec.2019
HESS-LEU Hess Leu Luzern 50 Apr.1954 Apr.1971
HLUZ Adolph Hess (Luzern) Luzern 26 Sep.1931 Sep.1943
KUN Kunst und Munzen Lugano 8 May.1969 May.1988
LEU Bank Leu Zurich 74 Dec.1965 Apr.2008
LEUN Leu Numismatik Zurich 23 Jun.2017 May.2021
LGN La Galerie Numismatique Lausanne 6 Oct.2006 Nov.2010
MAI Maison Palombo 18 May.2004 Nov.2019
MMBASEL Muenzen and Medaillen Basel 83 Apr.1942 Oct.2004
NAC Numismatica Ars Classica Zurich 151 Mar.1989 Jun.2021
NGSA NGSA Geneva 7 Nov.2000 Nov.2012
NOMOS Nomos Zurich 9 May.2009 Oct.2014
RATTO Rodolfo Ratto Lugano 25 May.1896 Oct.1934
SBC Swiss Bank Basel 14 Apr.1974 Sep.1993
SINC Sincona Zurich 15 Jun.2011 Oct.2014
SKRED Schweizerische Kreditanstalt Bern 5 Apr.1983 Apr.1986
SPINK-Z Spink (Z├╝rich) Zurich 6 Apr.1986 Oct.1994
STERN Sternberg Zurich 32 Nov.1973 Oct.2000
TKA Tkalec Zurich 18 Apr.1985 May.2010
TRAD Tradart Zurich 9 Dec.1982 Dec.2014
UBS UBS 16 Jan.2001 Sep.2010
28 Auction Houses - 752 Auctions
This Table shows a summary of Auction Houses for this country.
Also shown are the number & dates of those auctions in the rnumis database;
While many are present, many are still missing and will be entered as time allows.
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