World-Wide Coins of California - James F. Elmen
Santa Rosa, USA

WW_1982_03_24_2 II 550
WW_1982_11_18_3 III 1180
WW_1983_05_24_4 IV 1196
WW_1983_11_03 V 842
WW_1984_05_24 VI 1108
WW_1985_02_21 VII 833
WW_1985_11_12 VIII 710
WW_1986_05_29 IX 1156
WW_1986_11_06 X 782
WW_1987_05_14 XI 735
WW_1987_11_05 XII 621
WW_1988_05_05 XIII 628
WW_1988_11_17 XIV 672
WW_1989_05_18 XV 973
WW_1989_11_16 XVI 783
WW_1990_05_17_17 XVII 853
WW_1990_11_15_18 XVIII 594
WW_1991_06_13_19 XIX 836
WW_1991_11_14_20 XX 643
WW_1992_05_14 XXI 579
WW_1992_11_19 XXII 540
WW_1993_05_13_23 XXIII 510
WW_1993_05_13_BRK_I Brekke I 250 Russian Copper
WW_1993_11_18 XXIV 502
WW_1993_11_18_BRK_II Brekke II 300 Russian Copper
WW_1994_05_05 XXV 560
WW_1994_05_05_BRK_III Brekke III 350 Russian Copper
WW_1994_11_17 XXVI 560
WW_1995_05_18 XXVII 521
WW_1995_11_16 XXVIII 661
WW_1996_02_29_BRK_IV Brekke IV Literature
WW_1996_05_16 XXIX 514
WW_1996_11_14 XXX 586
WW_1997_05_01_31 XXXI 586
WW_1997_11_13 XXXII 520
WW_1998_05_14 XXXIII 636
WW_1998_11_12 XXXIV 563
WW_1999_05_13 XXXV 518
WW_1999_11_18 XXXVI 510
WW_2000_05_18 XXXVII 532
WW_2000_11_16 XXXVIII 555
WW_2001_05_17_i XXXIX 871
WW_2001_05_17_ii Zander Zander Libary 232 0 Literature
WW_2001_11_15 XL 579
WW_2002_05_09 XLI 418
WW_2002_11_14 XLII 485
WW_2003_05_15 XLIII 460
WW_2003_11_13 XLIV 505
WW_2004_05_13 XLV 527
WW_2004_11_18 XLVI 501
WW_2005_05_12 XLVII 435
WW_2005_05_17 XLVIII 547
WW_2006_05_18 XLIX 420
WW_2006_11_16 L 596
WW_2007_05_17 (LI) Girard 455
WW_2007_11_15 (LII) Girard II 467
WW_2008_05_15 (LIII) Maroulis 574
WW_2008_11_13 (LIV) D'Ippolito 797
WW_2009_05_14_55 (LV) Girard 486
WW_2009_11_19 (LVI) Girard 463
WW_2010_05_13 (LVII) Girard 475
WW_2010_11_18 (LVIII) 648
WW_2011_05_12_59 (LIX) 550

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World-Wide Coins of California - James F. Elmen | 63 sales Mar 1982 - May 2011
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This table is a date-ordered summary of sales for this house, plus some other useful details.
There may also be links to any online copies of the auction catalog that we know of.

The table also shows any paper or digital catalogs in our library:
rNumis ID=WW_1982... means we have a copy in some form
rNumis ID=WW_1982... means we don't currently have anything

The last 3 table columns show what we have:
PAPER is the number of real catalogs
JPG DPI is the resolution of any catalog plate scans
PDF gives the source for pdf catalogs we have in our library (HDL=Heidelberg, NNP=Newman Numismatic Portal etc).

Finally: these tables are almost certainly not complete and for more recent dates the focus is on sales with ancient coins. We do continue to add auctions, links and other details as time allows.