Jean Vinchon Numismatique
Paris, France

VIN_19550506 (with Ciani) (Caizergues de Pradines) 548 16 Celtic, Ancient, French gallica
VIN_19560206 (with Ciani) Hindamian 702 22 Greek gallica
VIN_19581117 190 8 Celtic, French, Foreign gallica
VIN_19590406 450 8 Greek, Roman, Byzantine gallica
VIN_19590520 842 24 Ancient, Celtic, French gallica
VIN_19600425 1148 22 Greek, Roman, French, Foreign gallica
VIN_19610227 312 9 Greek, Celtic, French gallica
VIN_19611120 270 12 Seals, Greek, Roman gallica
VIN_19620514 322 14 Seals, Greek, Roman, French gallica
VIN_19641026 T.H. 351 10 Ancient (Gold), French, Foreign gallica
VIN_19651115 332 Roman (mostly), Greek, Foreign gallica
VIN_19660425 351 Ancient Seals, Greek, Roman, French gallica
VIN_19660628 276 3 Ancient, Byzantine, French, Foreign gallica
VIN_19661107 P.M. 177 Greek, Roman, French gallica
VIN_19691124 233 Ancient, European gallica
VIN_19700629 477 7 Roman, Antiquities gallica
VIN_19710222 J.F. 832 Ancient, French, Foreign gallica
VIN_19731029 522 Ancient, French, Seals gallica
VIN_19740429 Peyrefitte 233 Greek, Roman, Cameos gallica
VIN_19740520 300 Roman, Byzantine, French gallica
VIN_19750303 Dr. JP.G. 548 Greek, Roman, French gallica
VIN_19750526 467 Ancient, Byzantine, French gallica
VIN_19760423 M.L. 523 Roman Bronze, Greek, French gallica
VIN_19761220 551 Ancient, Byzantine, Celtic, French gallica
VIN_19770422 631 Ancient, French, Alsace, Foreign gallica
VIN_19771107 497 Ancient, French gallica
VIN_19780630 499 Ancient to Modern gallica
VIN_19781030 470 Ancient, French, Foreign gallica
VIN_19790323 232 Ancient, Celtic, French gallica
VIN_19800225 701 Seals, Jewelry, Ancients gallica
VIN_19810330 524 Ancient, French, Literature gallica
VIN_19821112 485 Ancient, French, World gallica
VIN_19831209 1015 Ancient, French, World gallica
VIN_19840414 Comtesse de Behague 220 Greek gallica
VIN_19850413 Pflieger 437 Greek, Pedigreed gallica
VIN_19860203 788 Ancient, French, World gallica
VIN_19861113 Armand Trampitsch 901 Greek, Celtic, Roman gallica
VIN_19861115 470 Ancient to Modern gallica
VIN_19880411 1143 Greek, Roman, European gallica
VIN_19890314 507 Ancient, French, World gallica
VIN_19891115a Maurice Laffaille 115 26 Choice Celtic & Roman Bronze gallica
VIN_19891115b 115 13 Choice Ancient & World gallica
VIN_19900423 J.M. 791 Ancient, French, Foreign gallica
VIN_19901117 616 Ancient, French, Foreign gallica
VIN_19910413 481 Ancient, French, Foreign gallica
VIN_19911116 475 Ancient, French, Foreign gallica
VIN_19921120 491 Ancient, European gallica
VIN_19940518 Manuel Canovas 160 Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Medieval gallica
VIN_19941124 Velkov, Feret 525 Greek (esp Italy/Sicily), Ancient, World gallica
VIN_19950522 953 Ancient to Modern gallica
VIN_19951122 440 Ancient, French, Foreign gallica
VIN_19960424 1565 Gold - Ancient, French, World gallica
VIN_19961217 703 Ancients, French, World gallica
VIN_19970428 652 Ancient, French, Foreign gallica
VIN_19971209 597 Greek, Roman, French gallica
VIN_19980525 1307 Ancients, German gallica
VIN_19990328 141 3 Ancient, French, Foreign gallica
VIN_19991214 904 Ancient, French, Foreign gallica
VIN_20001027 779 Ancient, French, Foreign gallica
VIN_20010123 185 Ancient, French, Foreign gallica
VIN_20011107 406 Ancient, French, Foreign gallica
VIN_20021029 393 Celtic, French gallica
VIN_20031007 79 Expensive Ancient gallica
VIN_20061220 Maurice Vallas, J.P, L.R. 498 Ancient, French gallica
VIN_20160523 453 Ancient, Minerals, Jewelry gallica
VIN_20160607 572 Ancient, Celtic, French, Foreign, Paper gallica

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Jean Vinchon Numismatique | 66 sales May 1955 - May 2016
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