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New York, USA

STKS_1938_01_20 Faelten 2169 27 Ancients archive
STKS_1940_08_27 ANA Detroit 1009 4 Universal archive
STKS_1946_11_09 Deetz 966 Greek, Roman, Gold archive
STKS_1948_05_29 Balderston 290 7 Greek, Roman archive
STKS_1951_05_25 J.H. South 991 8 US, Foreign, Ancient archive
STKS_1952_06_27 Berlin 344 7 Greek archive
STKS_1958_01_30 Crosby, Mayfield, MacMurray 2044 12 US, Foreign, Ancient archive
STKS_1967_11_20 McCullough 1587 26 Roman, US archive
STKS_1969_06_19 Fowler 761 13 Greek, Roman archive
STKS_1970_06_10 Knoblauch I/Richmond 732 22 Greek, US, Gold archive
STKS_1970_11_19 944 20 Foreign, Russian, Ancient archive
STKS_1971_03_05 Mass.Hist.Soc./Adams 971 11 Greek, Roman, Foreign archive
STKS_1971_06_14 1072 15 Roman archive
STKS_1971_08_10 ANA - DC 2595 US, Foreign, Paper
STKS_1971_09_17 Mass.Hist.Soc./Adams 1269 19 Foreign, Russian
STKS_1973_06_20 1270 Foreign, Russian, Ancient archive
STKS_1973_09_06 Virginia 729 14 Roman archive
STKS_1974_01_31 Winter Ancient Gold, US, Foreign archive
STKS_1976_12_04 Emrick/Briggs/Coffey 733 11 Ancient, Foreign archive
STKS_1978_05_03 Knoblauch II 766 Roman archive
STKS_1979_03_15 Dr. John Sawhill / James Madison U 1499 11 Ancient, Foreign archive
STKS_1979_07_26 2000 40 US, Foreign, Ancient archive
STKS_1980_05_01 Knoblauch III 1438 Roman Imperial archive
STKS_1980_06_19 1081 US, Foreign, Ancient archive
STKS_1980_09_17 524 Important Greek, Roman archive
STKS_1982_09_15 Mortimer Hammel Gold, Russia
STKS_1983_02_02 Eugene J. Detmer US, Foreign, Gold, Silver, Russia
STKS_1983_09_14 J.P. Morgan Greek, Roman archive
STKS_1984_05_05 Knoblauch IV 679 Late Roman, Byzantine nnp
STKS_1986_12_10 NYINC Eugenio Gebauer nnp
STKS_1987_12_10 NYINC L.S. Ruder; Amos G. Carter. Jr. nnp
STKS_1988_03_04 Chicago Coin Fair
STKS_1988_09_08 Oechsner nnp
STKS_1988_12_08 NYINC nnp
STKS_1990_11_29_a NYINC John Whitney Walter 79 Roman nnp
STKS_1990_11_29_b NYINC 1499 Ancient, World nnp
STKS_1991_12_09 ALTO II 1575 Ancients, World nnp
STKS_1992_12_09 NYINC Globus, Others 1684 Ancients, World nnp
STKS_1993_06_14 Globus, Others 816 Ancients, World archive
STKS_1993_12_08 NYINC 1148 Ancients, World archive
STKS_1994_06_08 Globus and others Ancients, US, World archive
STKS_1994_12_07 NYINC 1412 Ancients, World archive
STKS_1995_05_04 NYINC Dresser, Stack Sr. 1781 Ancients, World nnp
STKS_1995_12_06 1997 Ancients, World nnp
STKS_1996_12_03_a Michael Price 257 Greek, Roman nnp
STKS_1996_12_03_b Globus Ancient, World nnp
STKS_1997_06_10 Schoonmaker 903 Ancients, World nnp
STKS_1997_12_02 Lovejoy, Singer 1997 Ancients, World nnp
STKS_1998_12_02 NYINC A.Globus, G. Shulman 1799 Ancients, World nnp
STKS_1999_06_08 Globus 903 Ancients, World nnp
STKS_1999_12_01 NYINC Globus Ancients, World nnp
STKS_2000_12_05 NYINC Ellenbogen, Globus Ancients, Jewish, World nnp
STKS_2001_12_04 NYINC Globus, Law Ancients, Foreign nnp
STKS_2003_01_15 NYINC Globus Ancients, Foreign, Paper nnp
STKS_2004_01_13 NYINC Vermeule, Ford, Globus Ancients, Foreign nnp
STKS_2006_03_07 NYINC Rutledge, Vermeule, Schlosser Ancients, World nnp
STKS_2007_01_15 NYINC Gund III nnp
STKS_2008_01_14_KROISOS NYINC Kroisos 2315 Gold, Ancients, Russia archive
STKS_2008_01_14_STACK NYINC Lawerence Stack 271 Greek archive
STKS_2009_01_12 NYINC Golden Horn archive
STKS_2009_01_12_B NYINC Moneta Imperii Romani Byzantini 640 Late Roman & Byzantine archive
STKS_2010_01_11 NYINC Vermeule, Ward, Maxico 1624 Ancients, Mexico, Gold, World archive
STKS_2011_01_10 NYINC Querendon, Rajj 1726 Universal archive
STKS_2012_01_06 NYINC Universal archive
STKS_2013_01_08 NYINC Universal archive
STKS_2014_01_10 NYINC Ancient, World archive
STKS_2015_01_09 NYINC Universal archive
STKS_2015_08_12 ANA Universal archive
STKS_2016_01_08 NYINC Universal archive
STKS_2016_08_10 ANA Ancient, World archive
STKS_2017_01_13 NYINC Universal archive
STKS_2018_01_12 NYINC Universal archive
STKS_2019_01_11 NYINC Universal archive
STKS_2020_01_17 NYINC Universal archive
STKS_2021_01_15 Ancient, World archive
STKS_2022_01_16 NYINC Mark & Lotte Salton 437 Ancient, Polish, Russian house

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Stacks - Coin Galleries - Bowers & Merena - Ponterio | 76 sales Jan 1938 - Jan 2022
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This table is a date-ordered summary of sales for this house, plus some other useful details.
There may also be links to any online copies of the auction catalog that we know of.

The table also shows any paper or digital catalogs in our library:
rNumis ID=STKS_1938... means we have a copy in some form
rNumis ID=STKS_1938... means we don't currently have anything

The last 3 table columns show what we have:
PAPER is the number of real catalogs
JPG DPI is the resolution of any catalog plate scans
PDF gives the source for pdf catalogs we have in our library (HDL=Heidelberg, NNP=Newman Numismatic Portal etc).

Finally: these tables are almost certainly not complete and for more recent dates the focus is on sales with ancient coins. We do continue to add auctions, links and other details as time allows.