Raymond Serrure
Paris, France

SERR_18950121 Comte de B. 437 2 Roman gallica
SERR_18950430 Tilliet 657 1 Roman, French gallica
SERR_18951029 53 2 Roman Gold gallica
SERR_18960120 268 2 no plates
SERR_18960210 Butor 752 2 gallica
SERR_18960429 Courtin 470 9 Antiquities, 1 plate Coins gallica
SERR_18960518 V de L 544 1 Greek, Roman, Low Countries gallica
SERR_18961012 T. 197 2 Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Antiquities no plates
SERR_18970327 R. 307 1 Ancient, French, Antiquities gallica
SERR_19001109 394 12 gallica
SERR_19010625 Tyszkiewicz 141 4 Greek, Roman gallica
SERR_19020407 Trousselle 407 1 Roman, French gallica
SERR_19030620 Delamain 380 2 Greek, Roman, French, Foreign gallica
SERR_19031205 244 4 Antiquities, Greek dekadrachms gallica
SERR_19031223 389 2 Greek, Roman, French gallica
SERR_19050529 Comte de L(estrange) 628 3 Roman gallica
SERR_19060328 Jarry d'Orleans 494 1 Greek, Dekadrachms, Celtic gallica
SERR_19060531 325 2 Greek, Roman gallica
SERR_19070528 M.L. 252 4 Greek, Roman, French gallica
SERR_19080224 Hauet 667 6 Greek, Roman, Celtic gallica
SERR_19080403 260 3 Antiquities, Greek, Roman no plates
SERR_19100318 Stanislas J. de V. 387 4 Greek, Roman, Celtic gallica
SERR_19100704 G.C./Grenier 362 2 Greek, Roman, French, Foreign gallica
SERR_19110410 Mme Louise B. 713 8 Greek, Roman, French, Foreign gallica
SERR_19111118 276 5 Greek, Roman, French gallica
SERR_19120402 335 6 Greek, Roman, French gallica
SERR_19130314 Girard 97 1 Ancient, French gallica
SERR_19130317 Bulland 1093 7 Roman, Medieval, France gallica
SERR_19130502 Mme D. 330 4 Greek, Roman, French, Foreign gallica
SERR_19140330 574 10 Greek, Roman

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Raymond Serrure | 30 sales Jan 1895 - Mar 1914
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