Schweizerische Bankverein
Basel/Zurich, Switzerland

SBC_19740530 1 With Galerie des Monnaies
SBC_19740531 2 With Galerie des Monnaies
SBC_19750214 3
SBC_19751114 4
SBC_19770203 5 425
SBC_19770204 6 Sodermann 447 Russian Gold Coins
SBC_19771027 Z2 647 38 Ancients
SBC_19771028 Z3
SBC_19780209 7
SBC_19781017 Z4 504 European Gold
SBC_19790130 8
SBC_19791016 Z5 583 43 Ancients
SBC_19800130 9 Munzen & Medaillen
SBC_19800419 Z6 240 15 Ancients
SBC_19810127 10 Sodermann 1731 Russian Medals, Medieval, Modern
SBC_19820127 11 Munzen & Medaillen
SBC_19830126 12 Gold and Silver Coins
SBC_19840124 13 Gold and Silver Coins
SBC_19850129 14 Gold and Silver Coins
SBC_19860127 15 Gold and Silver Coins
SBC_19860515 16 Gold and Silver Coins
SBC_19870127 17 Gold and Silver Coins
SBC_19870129 18 Specialized - Catalonia
SBC_19880126 19 Gold and Silver Coins
SBC_19880914 20 Specialized - Peru
SBC_19890124 21 Gold and Silver Coins
SBC_19890919 22 Specialized - Brazil
SBC_19890920 23
SBC_19891130 With Spink Specialized Sweden I
SBC_19900123 24 Gold and Silver Coins
SBC_19900514 With Spink Specialized Sweden - II
SBC_19900919 25
SBC_19910122 26 Gold and Silver Coins
SBC_19910124 27 Specialized Spain
SBC_19910917 28
SBC_19920129 29 Gold and Silver Coins
SBC_19920915 30 Gold and Silver Coins
SBC_19920917 31 Specialized Netherlands
SBC_19930126 32 Gold and Silver Coins
SBC_19930920 33 Gold and Silver Coins
SBC_19940125 34 Gold and Silver Coins
SBC_19940913 35 Gold and Silver Coins
SBC_19950124a 36 Specialized Swiss
SBC_19950124b 37 Gold and Silver Coins
SBC_19950912 38 Gold and Silver Coins
SBC_19960123 39 Gold and Silver Coins
SBC_19960910 40 Specialized Salzburg
SBC_19960912 41 Gold- und Silbermunzen
SBC_19970121 42 Gold- und Silbermunzen
SBC_19970915 43 Gold- und Silbermunzen
SBC_19980127 44 Last Gold- und Silbermunzen

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Schweizerische Bankverein | 51 sales May 1974 - Jan 1998
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