Mario Ratto
Paris (and Milan), France

RATM_19310604 1 R(aphael) Castel 793 24 Greek, Roman, French, Foreign gallica
RATM_19320623 2 B. 327 4 Greek, Aes, Roman, French gallica
RATM_19321201 3 Schwing 757 20 Roman, Aes Grave gallica
RATM_19330311 4 342 7 Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Merovingian gallica
RATM_19331206 5 342 7 Roman, Byzantine, French archive 20231028
RATM_19350516 11 Dr. L.G./G. 507 13 Greek, Roman gallica
RATM_19360326 12 Ducrocq 304 4
RATM_19550126 Giorgi 1362 38 Roman, Aes, Byzantine gallica
RATM_19560119 383 15 Roman gallica
RATM_19560120 817 46 Italian gallica
RATM_FPL_1928 489 18 Greek, Roman, Aes Graves, French gallica
RATM_FPL_1948_I List I 247 4 Greek, Roman, Italian gallica
RATM_FPL_1948_II List II 285 10 Roman, Italian gallica
RATM_FPL_1949_III List III 389 5 Greek, Roman, Italian, Books gallica
RATM_FPL_1950_IV List IV 135 4 Italian, Roman Gold gallica
RATM_FPL_1964 801 18 Greek, Roman, European gallica
RATM_FPL_1966 676 28 Greek, Roman, European gallica
RATM_FPL_1967_1 424 20 Greek, Roman, European gallica
RATM_FPL_1967_2 339 16 Greek, Roman, European gallica
RATM_FPL_1967_3 423 15 Greek, Roman, European, Papal gallica
RATM_FPL_1967_4 519 19 Greek, Roman, European gallica
RATM_FPL_1968_1 464 24 Greek, Roman, European gallica
RATM_FPL_1968_2 447 20 Greek, Roman, European gallica
RATM_FPL_1968_3 448 22 Greek, Roman, European gallica
RATM_FPL_1968_4 611 24 Greek, Roman, European gallica
RATM_FPL_1969_1 Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Italian gallica
RATM_FPL_1969_2 Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Italian, Medals gallica
RATM_FPL_1969_3 Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Italian gallica
RATM_FPL_1969_4 Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Italian gallica
RATM_FPL_1970_1 Roman, Italian, Papal, Literature gallica
RATM_FPL_1970_2 Medieval and Modern Italian gallica
RATM_FPL_1970_3 Roman Republican, Italian, Foreign gallica
RATM_FPL_1970_4 Roman, Byzantine, Italian, Literature gallica
RATM_FPL_1971_1 Roman, Byzantine, Italian gallica
RATM_FPL_1971_2 Roman, Byzantine, Italian, Papal gallica
RATM_FPL_1971_3 Roman, Byzantine, Italian, Foreign gallica
RATM_FPL_1971_4 Roman, Byzantine, Italian gallica
RATM_FPL_1972_1 Roman, Byzantine, Italian gallica
RATM_FPL_1972_2 Roman, Byzantine, Italian gallica
RATM_FPL_1972_3 Roman, Byzantine, Italian gallica
RATM_FPL_1972_4 Roman, Italian gallica

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Mario Ratto | 41 sales Jan 1928 - Apr 1972
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