Parsy, Thierry (Drouot/Expert)
Paris, France

PARSY_20080415 537 Ancient, French, World, Books house
PARSY_20090630 551 18 Ancient, French esp Gold house
PARSY_20091022 312 13 Ancient, French esp Gold, Paper house
PARSY_20100408 742 26 Ancient, French, Paper house
PARSY_20101020 492 17 Ancient, French esp Gold house
PARSY_20110316 622 26 Ancient, French, World, Paper house
PARSY_20111011 919 Ancient, French, World Druot
PARSY_20120410 721 23 Ancient, French, World, Books house
PARSY_20121031 503 26 Ancient, French, World house
PARSY_20121119 358 19 Ancient, French, World, Paper house
PARSY_20130423 726 Ancient, French, World house
PARSY_20131021 545 Medals, Ancient, French, World house
PARSY_20140325 223 Provenanced Ancient, European house
PARSY_20140408 336 Ancient, French, Divers house
PARSY_20141015 433 Ancient, French, Foreign, Paper house
PARSY_20141121 191 French, Foreign house
PARSY_20150530 Abbe de Jobal, Comte de Lambertye 444 Roman, Celtic, Merovingian, Frenh, Foreign, Seals house
PARSY_20150702 Vermot 466 Ancient, Aurei, Solidi, French, Notes house
PARSY_20151204 190 French, Foreign house
PARSY_20160323 376 Ancient, French, Paper, Watches, Jewelry house
PARSY_20160706 495 Ancient, French, Foreign house
PARSY_20161014 house
PARSY_20161209 house
PARSY_20170314 house
PARSY_20170419 421 Ancient, French house
PARSY_20170623 house
PARSY_20170703 house
PARSY_20171028 house
PARSY_20171120 house
PARSY_20180213 house
PARSY_20180601 house
PARSY_20181127 house
PARSY_20181204 house
PARSY_20190319 house
PARSY_20190621 house
PARSY_20190703 house
PARSY_20200204 27 Greek, Roman house
PARSY_20200619 696 Ancient, French, Foreign, Medals house
PARSY_20200709 house
PARSY_20200721 house
PARSY_20201118 255 Ancient, French, Foreign house
PARSY_20210323 house
PARSY_20210429 house
PARSY_20210511 house
PARSY_20210711 house
PARSY_20211031 house
PARSY_20211116 house
PARSY_20211214 149 Ancient, French house
PARSY_20220220 77 Provenanced Ancient Silver, French Gold house
PARSY_20220407 453 Ancient, French, Foreign house

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Parsy, Thierry (Drouot/Expert) | 50 sales Apr 2008 - Apr 2022
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