Leu Numismatik 2017
Zurich, Switzerland

LEUN_2017_10_25 1 Ancients
LEUN_2018_05_11 2 Ancients
LEUN_2018_10_27 3 Ancients
LEUN_2019_05_25 4 Ancients biddr 20230917
LEUN_2019_10_27 5 Ancients biddr 20230917
LEUN_2020_10_23 6 Ancients biddr 20230917
LEUN_2020_10_24 7 1100 Ancients biddr 20230917
LEUN_2021_10_23 8 Krähenbühl 404 Ancients
LEUN_2021_10_24_09 9 Gollnow 176 Roman
LEUN_2021_10_24_10 10 445 Ancient
LEUN_2022_05_14 11 Ancient biddr 20230917
LEUN_2022_05_15 12 Adrian Lang Roman biddr 20230917
LEUN_2023_05_27 13 Celtic, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Germanic
LEUNe_2017_06_25 WEB1 Ancients
LEUNe_2017_12_03 WEB2 Ancients
LEUNe_2018_02_25 WEB3 Ancients
LEUNe_2018_06_24 WEB4 Ancients
LEUNe_2018_09_23 WEB5 Ancients
LEUNe_2018_12_09 WEB6 Ancients
LEUNe_2019_02_23 WEB7 Ancients
LEUNe_2019_06_29 WEB8 Ancients
LEUNe_2019_09_07 WEB9 Ancients
LEUNe_2019_12_07 WEB10 Ancients
LEUNe_2020_02_22 WEB11 Ancients
LEUNe_2020_05_30 WEB12 Ancients
LEUNe_2020_08_15 WEB13 Ancients
LEUNe_2020_12_12 WEB14 Ancients
LEUNe_2021_02_27 WEB15 Ancients
LEUNe_2021_05_22 WEB16 Ancients

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Leu Numismatik 2017 | 29 sales Jun 2017 - May 2023
Main Page

This table is a date-ordered summary of sales for this house, plus some other useful details.
There may also be links to any online copies of the auction catalog that we know of.

The table also shows any paper or digital catalogs in our library:
rNumis ID=LEUN_2017... means we have a copy in some form
rNumis ID=LEUN_2017... means we don't currently have anything

The last 3 table columns show what we have:
PAPER is the number of real catalogs
JPG DPI is the resolution of any catalog plate scans
PDF gives the source for pdf catalogs we have in our library (HDL=Heidelberg, NNP=Newman Numismatic Portal etc).

Finally: these tables are almost certainly not complete and for more recent dates the focus is on sales with ancient coins. We do continue to add auctions, links and other details as time allows.