Fritz Rudolf Kunker GmbH
Osnabruck, Germany

KNK_19850205 1 Germany
KNK_19850916 2 Germany
KNK_19851209 3 Witte Germany
KNK_19860526 4 Germany
KNK_19860929 5 Germany
KNK_19870323 6 Germany
KNK_19870325 7 Beckenbauer German Patterns
KNK_19870928 8 Waldmann Germany, Ancients, Literature
KNK_19870929 9 Germany
KNK_19880307 10 Prussia
KNK_19880308 11 Germany
KNK_19880928 12 Germany, Netherlands
KNK_19890313 13 Groenegress I Germany, Denmark
KNK_19890402 14 Groenegress II Germany
KNK_19900116 15 Stalling Germany, Netherlands, Denmark
KNK_19900321 16 Groenegress III Germany, Ancients
KNK_19901001_17 17 Brockmann Medals
KNK_19901001_18 18 Medieval, Germany
KNK_19910311 19 Germany, France, Netherlands
KNK_19911030 20 Ancients, Medieval, Germany
KNK_19920316 21 Ancients, Medieval, Germany, Netherlands, Literature
KNK_19920318 22 Mainz
KNK_19921030 23 Ancients, Medieval, Germany, Orders
KNK_19930310 24 Ancients, Germany, France, Britain, Literature
KNK_19930929 25 Ancients, Byzantine, Germany, France, Literature
KNK_19940309 26 4660 Ancients, Medieval, Europe, Germany
KNK_19940930 27 5938 Ancients, Medieval, Europe, Germany, Literature
KNK_19950308_28 28 Schmidt 1889 Gold, Ancient, Byzantine, Medieval
KNK_19950308_29 29 Ancient, Medieval, Germany
KNK_19950927 30 4045 Ancient, Medieval, Germany
KNK_19950929 31 1568 Germany
KNK_19960306 32 Ancients, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands
KNK_19960307 33 1801 Brandenburg-Prussia
KNK_19961008 34 Ancients, Germany
KNK_19970311 35 Ancients, Medieval, Germany
KNK_19970312 36 Medallic Art
KNK_19970313 37 Brandenburg-Prussia
KNK_19970929 38 Ancients, Germany, Italy
KNK_19971001 39 Germany
KNK_19971002 40 Germany
KNK_19980311 41 2558 Ancients, Medieval, Europe, Germany
KNK_19980312 42 Gold
KNK_19980929 43 Scheche Ancients, Medieval, Europe, Germany, South America Gold
KNK_19981001 44 1000 Germany Talers
KNK_19981002 45 Germany
KNK_19990309 46 3785 Ancients, Medieval, Europe, Germany
KNK_19990311 47 100 Brandenburg-Prussian Gold
KNK_19990312 48 1569 Germany
KNK_19990615 49 Reichardt Ancients, France, Swiss, Germany
KNK_19990928_50 50 100 Germany, Europe
KNK_19990928_51 51 1163 World Medals
KNK_19990929 52 2517 Ancients, Medieval, Europe, Germany
KNK_20010313 62
KNK_20011009 67
KNK_20020312 71
KNK_20020930 77
KNK_20030617 83
KNK_20040308 89
KNK_20040622 92 Middle Ages-Modern, Germany after 1871 archive
KNK_20040623 93 Kennepohl Westphalia, Germany after 1871 archive
KNK_20040927 94 Prof. Hagen Tronnier Ancients archive
KNK_20040929 95 1000 Talers from 600 Years archive
KNK_20040930 96 Gold, Middle Ages-Modern, Germany after 1871 archive
KNK_20050307 97 Ancients archive
KNK_20050308 98 Middle Ages-Modern archive
KNK_20050311 99 Gold, Germany after 1871 archive
KNK_20050621 100 Ancient to Modern (Higher Value) issuu
KNK_20050622 101 Ancient to Modern issuu
KNK_20050623 102 M&M Basel Library Literature issuu
KNK_20050624 103 Orders and Decorations issuu
KNK_20050927 104 Ancients issuu
KNK_20050928 105 Gold. Medieval-Modern Coins issuu
KNK_20050930 106 Germany after 1871 issuu
KNK_20060202 107 Medieval-Modern. esp Poland, Silesia, Germany issuu
KNK_20060314 108 Bavaria and the House of Wittelsbach issuu
KNK_20060315 109 Gold. Germany after 1871 issuu
KNK_20060316 110 Medieval-Modern issuu
KNK_20060318 111 Ancients issuu
KNK_20060620 112 Berghaus Library 1600 Literature, Ancient-Modern Gold Coins issuu
KNK_20060621 113 Dr.Martin Sellmann Middle Ages - Modern issuu
KNK_20060622 114 Germany after 1871. Orders and Decorations issuu
KNK_20060925 115 Ancient, Middle-Ages, Modern issuu
KNK_20060927 116 Georg Baums War and Peace on Coins & Medals issuu
KNK_20060928 117 Ancient-Modern Gold. Salzburg. Scales issuu
KNK_20060929 118 Heinz Radeisen 1800s and Germany after 1871 issuu
KNK_20070201_119 119 Buhrmann Medieval-Modern, Germany after 1871 issuu
KNK_20070201_120 120 Hans-Wilhelm Wiebe 548 Brandenburg-Prussia, Medals issuu
KNK_20070312 121 de Wit I Medieval issuu
KNK_20070314 122 Middle Ages-Modern issuu
KNK_20070316_123 123 Pauls Germany after 1871 issuu
KNK_20070316_124 124 Adolf Wild Ancients issuu
KNK_20070619 125 Ancient-Modern Gold. Russia issuu
KNK_20070620_126 126 Friedrich Otto 772 Brandenburg-Prussia, Literature issuu
KNK_20070620_127 127 Medieval-Modern, Germany after 1871 issuu
KNK_20070622 128 Orders and Decorations issuu
KNK_20071008 129 Middle Ages-Modern. Russia issuu
KNK_20071009 130 de Wit II Medieval. 1000 years Europe issuu
KNK_20071010 131 Medieval-Modern. Scales and weights issuu
KNK_20071011_132 132 Germany after 1871 issuu
KNK_20071011_133 133 Friedrich Popken Greek Bronze, Ancient Masterpieces issuu
KNK_20080131_134 134 Thalers issuu
KNK_20080131_135 135 Klaus Propp Gold, Silesia, Russia issuu
KNK_20080310 136 Burkhard Traeger Ancient Coins esp Crete. issuu
KNK_20080311_137 137 de Wit III Medieval. Europe, Jetons, Weights issuu
KNK_20080311_138 138 Italy,Vatican. Middle Ages- Modern issuu
KNK_20080313 139 Gold coins. Russia. Germany after 1871 issuu
KNK_20080617 140 Medieval-Modern, Germany after 1871 issuu
KNK_20080619 141 Wallenstein. Hanseatic Wismar, Rostock, Strahlsund issuu
KNK_20080620 142 Orders and Decorations issuu
KNK_20081006 143 Ancient, Middle Ages - Modern issuu
KNK_20081007 144 Gold. Germany after 1871. issuu
KNK_20081009_145 145 Barons Bonde (Ericsberg) II Sweden and Europe issuu
KNK_20081009_146 146 Russian Coins issuu
KNK_20090205_147 147 Middle Ages-Modern. Mining coins. Silesia issuu
KNK_20090205_148 148 Russian Coins and Medals issuu
KNK_20090309 149 Germany after 1871 issuu
KNK_20090310 150 Important Russian issuu
KNK_20090311 151 1000 Gold Coins from Middle Ages-Modern issuu
KNK_20090312 152 Middle Ages-Modern. Literature issuu
KNK_20090314 153 Ancients issuu
KNK_20090623 154 Herborn Treasury. Middle Ages-Modern issuu
KNK_20090624 155 Ancient-Modern Gold. Germnay after 1871 issuu
KNK_20090625_156 156 Barons Bonde (Ericsberg) IV Swedish Possessions issuu
KNK_20090625_157 157 Russian Coins and Medals issuu
KNK_20090928 158 Ancients issuu
KNK_20090929 159 Hans Kunz Middle Ages-Modern issuu
KNK_20090930 160 1000 Gold Coins. Germany after 1871 issuu
KNK_20091001 161 Russian Coins and Medals issuu
KNK_20091002 162 Orders and Decorations issuu
KNK_20100128_163 163 Middle Ages-Modern issuu
KNK_20100128_164 164 Highlights of Russian issuu
KNK_20100308 165 Fassbender Middle Ages-Modern. Baptismal Coins and Medals issuu
KNK_20100310 166 Gold. Germany after 1871 issuu
KNK_20100311 167 Russian Coins and Medals issuu
KNK_20100312 168 Ancients issuu
KNK_20100621 169 Hanfried Bendig, Bernard Poindessault 2149 Literature issuu
KNK_20100622 170 Middle Ages-Modern issuu
KNK_20100623 171 Prof. Nikolaus Otto Gold from Ancient to Modern. Germany after 1871 issuu
KNK_20100624 172 Russian Coins and Medals issuu
KNK_20100625 173 Orders and Decorations issuu
KNK_20100927 174 Ancients issuu
KNK_20100928 175 Middle Ages-Modern issuu
KNK_20100929 176 Schierhorn Hamburg, Lubeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Denmark issuu
KNK_20100930_177 177 Gold. Germany after 1871 issuu
KNK_20100930_178 178 Russian Coins and Medals issuu
KNK_20101001 179 Paper Money and Banknotes issuu
KNK_20110127_180 180 Bracteates. Middle Ages-Modern issuu
KNK_20110127_181 181 Gold. Russian Coins and Medals issuu
KNK_20110314_182 182 Ancients issuu
KNK_20110314_183 183 Middle Ages-Modern issuu
KNK_20110315 184 Heinz Pielsticker Thalers issuu
KNK_20110317_185 185 Julius Hagander, I Sweden and Possessions issuu
KNK_20110317_186 186 Russian Coins and Medals. Gold. issuu
KNK_20110318 187 Germany after 1871 issuu
KNK_20110620 188 Middle Ages-Modern issuu
KNK_20110621_189 189 Gerhart Rother Saxony issuu
KNK_20110621_190 190 French Coins issuu
KNK_20110622 191 Ancient-Modern Gold. Germany after 1871 issuu
KNK_20110623 192 Russian Coins, Medals, Orders and Decorations issuu
KNK_20110926_193 193 Ancients issuu
KNK_20110926_194 194 Middle Ages-Modern issuu
KNK_20110928_195 195 Emperor Franz Josef I issuu
KNK_20110928_196 196 Julius Hagander, II Swededn and Possessions issuu
KNK_20110928_197 197 Gold from Middle Ages-Modern. Germany after 1871 issuu
KNK_20110930 198 Russian Coins and Medals. Chinese Coins issuu
KNK_20111213 199 Sultan, I Ottoman Coins issuu
KNK_20111214 200 Vogel, I Hamburg. German Gold. Paper Money issuu
KNK_20120202_201 201 Numismatic Rarities issuu
KNK_20120202_202 202 Friedrich Popken Salzburg issuu
KNK_20120202_203 203 Russian Rarities issuu
KNK_20120312 204 Ancients issuu
KNK_20120312_205 205 Middle Ages. 1000 years of Coins issuu
KNK_20120313 206 Middle Ages-Modern issuu
KNK_20120315_207 207 Gold issuu
KNK_20120315_208 208 Julius Hagander, III Sweden and Possessions issuu
KNK_20120316 209 Russian Coins and Medals. Germany after 1871 issuu
KNK_20120618_210 210 Sultan, II Ottoman Coins issuu
KNK_20120618_211 211 Middle Ages-Modern issuu
KNK_20120619 212 Solms-Hohensolms-Lich issuu
KNK_20120620 213 Vogel, II Hamburg. German Gold from 1800. Germany from 1871 issuu
KNK_20120621 214 Gold from Middle Ages-Modern. Russia issuu
KNK_20120622 215 Orders and Decorations issuu
KNK_20121008 216 Ancients issuu
KNK_20121009 217 Middle Ages-Modern issuu
KNK_20121011 218 Gold from Middle Ages-Modern. Germany after 1871 issuu
KNK_20121030_219 219 Julius Hagander, IV Sweden and Possessions issuu
KNK_20121030_220 220 Mercator Hesse Rarities issuu
KNK_20121030_221 221 Vogel, III European Gold issuu
KNK_20121031 222 Russian Coins and Medals issuu
KNK_20130131_223 223 Friedrich Popken European Rarities issuu
KNK_20130131_224 224 Prof. Helmut Hahn Dukes of Pomerania issuu
KNK_20130131_225 225 222 Russian Coins and Medals issuu
KNK_20130311_226 226 Kochs, Bonn Ancients issuu
KNK_20130311_227 227 Edoardo Curti Selected Medieval issuu
KNK_20130312 228 Middle Ages-Modern issuu
KNK_20130313 229 Cologne, Rhineland, Westphalia, Nuremberg, Franconia issuu
KNK_20130314 230 Vogel, V Gold, Germany after 1871, Russia issuu
KNK_20130316 231 Sultan, III Ottoman Coins issuu
KNK_20130617_232 232 Wolfgang Fried. John. W. Adams Medieval. 17th-18th Century Peace medals. Germany issuu
KNK_20130617_233 233 Polonica Reconciliata, I Poland, Pomerania, Silesia. Papal. Universal. issuu
KNK_20130619 234 Gold, Germany after 1871, Russia issuu
KNK_20130621 235 Franz Hannesschläger Orders, Decorations. Medals, Certificates, Baden issuu
KNK_20131007 236 Dieter Grunow Hellenistic Tetradrachms. Ancients issuu
KNK_20131008 237 Friedrich Popken Middle Ages-Modern issuu
KNK_20131009 238 Karl W. Bach Coins of Regensburg issuu
KNK_20131010 239 World Gold, German Empire, Russia issuu
KNK_20131119 240 Balck Orders, Decorations, Medals issuu
KNK_20131120_241 241 Medieval-Modern. Germany after 1871 issuu
KNK_20131120_242 242 Medals from Five Centuries issuu
KNK_20131121 243 Gerhard Himmel, Graz Ancients. Specialized Celtic. Migration issuu
KNK_20140206 244 Friedrich Popken 743 World Gold and Silver. Russian issuu
KNK_20140310 245 Gold, Germany after 1871. Russian Coins and Medals issuu
KNK_20140311 246 Medieval-Modern. China, Malta, Mansfeld issuu
KNK_20140313 247 Georg Baums 500 Years of Medallic Art issuu
KNK_20140314 248 Ancients issuu
KNK_20140630 249 Dieter Braun MIddle Ages-Modern. Munster, Westphalia issuu
KNK_20140702 250 Masuren Prussia issuu
KNK_20140703 251 Gold Coins • Russian Coins and Medals issuu
KNK_20140704 252 Germany after 1871. Test Strikes issuu
KNK_20141004 253 Friedhelm Beyreiss Orders & Decorations, esp Italy, Russia, Scandinavia issuu
KNK_20141006 254 Horst Nussmann Medieval-Modern. Paper. Scales issuu
KNK_20141007 255 Ernst Otto Horn, I English Milled from 1658. Important Russian issuu
KNK_20141009 256 Gold • Great Britain • Swiss • Germany after 1871 issuu
KNK_20141010 257 Collection of an Aesthete Ancient issuu
KNK_20150129 258 Ernst Otto Horn, II German, European, Russian Coins & Medals issuu
KNK_20150309 259 Dr. Norbert Herkner Orders & Decorations, esp Vatican issuu
KNK_20150310 260 Russian, Gold, Germany after 1871 issuu
KNK_20150311 261 Kurt Zentini, Konrad Bretschneider Schleswig-Holstein, Denmark, Saxony, Middle Ages-Modern issuu
KNK_20150313 262 Ancient. Important Roman Republic & Empire issuu
KNK_20150623 263 Friedrich Popken, Ernst Otto Horn III Middle Ages-Modern issuu
KNK_20150624 264 Gold, Germany after 1871, Russian issuu
KNK_20150926 265 Welt Orders & Decorations issuu
KNK_20150928 266 Middle Ages to Modern, Russian issuu
KNK_20150929 267 Roland Grüber Brandenburg in Franconia issuu
KNK_20150930 268 Numitor Archdiocese of Salzburg issuu
KNK_20151001 269 Gold, Germany after 1871 issuu
KNK_20151002 270 Ancient Coins. Imperial Roman Bronze issuu
KNK_20160204 271 Gold & Silver Coins, Russian issuu
KNK_20160209 272 Ernst Otto Horn, IV Germany, Russia issuu
KNK_20160314 273 Ancient issuu
KNK_20160315 274 Middle Ages-Modern issuu
KNK_20160316 275 Gold, Russian Coins & Medals issuu
KNK_20160318 276 Lorenz Germany after 1871. Small coin rarities, Patterns issuu
KNK_20160621 277 Select Ancient. Russian issuu
KNK_20160622 278 Ernst Otto Horn, V Middle Ages-Modern issuu
KNK_20160623 279 Rudolf Spitzner Regensburg. Gold. Germany after 1871 issuu
KNK_20160926 280 Hannelore Scheiner (Roman) Ancient issuu
KNK_20160927 281 Middle Ages-Modern, Germany after 1871 issuu
KNK_20160928 282 Luc Smolderen European Medallic Art issuu
KNK_20160929 283 Pomerania, Gold, Russian Coins and Medals issuu
KNK_20160930 284 Orders and Decorations issuu
KNK_20170202_285 285 World Rarities, Russian Coins and Medals issuu
KNK_20170202_286 286 Ottar Ertzeid, I & II Swedish Possessions issuu
KNK_20170208 287 Toni Barth Germany after 1871 issuu
KNK_20170313 288 Dr. Rainer Pudill, Hannelore Scheiner Ancient Coins issuu
KNK_20170314 289 Ottoman I, Hans Wilski Europe, Ottoman, Spanish Succession issuu
KNK_20170315_290 290 Rudolf Meier Brunswick-Lüneburg, Harburg issuu
KNK_20170315_291 291 Ottar Ertzeid, III & IV Denmark, Schleswig-Holstein issuu
KNK_20170316 292 Gold, Middle Ages-Modern, Russia, Germany after 1871 issuu
KNK_20170627 293 Werner Broker, Bernd Terletzki Middle Ages-Modern, Westphalia issuu
KNK_20170628 294 Gold, Germany after 1871, Russia issuu
KNK_20170925 295 Rolf Tetzlaff-Gahrmann Ancient, Etruscan issuu
KNK_20170926 296 Prof. Herbert Stricker Middle Ages-Modern, Holy Roman Empire, Germnay after 1871 issuu
KNK_20170927 297 Rainer Optiz Reformation on 1000 Coins and Medals issuu
KNK_20170928 298 Phoibos (Gold), I China, Gold, Germany after 1871, Russia issuu
KNK_20170929 299 Ottoman, II Orders and Decorations issuu
KNK_20180201 300 Gunther Hahn Brandenburg Prussia issuu
KNK_20180319 304 Ancient issuu
KNK_20181008 312 Ancient issuu
KNK_20190311 318 Ancient issuu
KNK_20191007 326 Ancient issuu
KNK_20200316 333 Ancient archive
KNK_20201001 341 Dr. W.R. Part 5; Samel; Phoibos Ancients; Greek East, North Africa, Jewish archive
KNK_20210322 347 Weise (Seleucid); Heinrich Peter (Syracuse) Ancient archive
KNK_20210925 351 Ancient archive
KNK_20220404 365 Ullrich Ancient issuu
KNK_20220405 366 Christian Flesche Celtic issuu
KNK_20220406 367 Sylvain (Greek); W.R. (Roman) Greek, Roman issuu
KNK_20230316 382 Ancients, Roman Denarii of the Republic and Empire issuu
KNK_20230317 383 Roger Wolf High Value Ancient and Gold issuu

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Fritz Rudolf Kunker GmbH | 280 sales Feb 1985 - Mar 2023
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