Dr. Jacob Hirsch
Munich, Germany

JHIR_18980101 I Slg. Heinrich Hirsch 1853 0
JHIR_18980511 II
JHIR_18990101 III (Fixed Price) 3050 0
JHIR_19000424 IV Graf Berchem 2283 4 Germany heidi
JHIR_19010520 V (Bignami/Sarti) 1162 7 Ancients heidi
JHIR_19011001 VI (Fixed Price) 4439 0
JHIR_19020602 VII Comte G. in C. 1534 10 Greek, Roman heidi
JHIR_19030518 VIII Stutz Stutz 2724 15 Greek, Roman, Germany, Medals heidi
JHIR_19031001 IX (Fixed Price) 2049 0
JHIR_19031214 X 486 2 Gold Hungary Transylvania (Siebenb heidi
JHIR_19040504 XI Prof M... 1173 18 Greek, Roman heidi
JHIR_19041117 XII K(opf) 704 14 Greek, Roman heidi
JHIR_19050515 XIII Rhousopoulos (Rhousopoulos) 4627 58 Greek heidi
JHIR_19051127 XIV Merkens Merkens 1666 19 Greek, Sicily, Roman, Literature heidi
JHIR_19060528 XV Philipsen/Lobbecke (Philipsen I)/Lobbecke 1674 14 Greek, Roman Gold, Literature heidi
JHIR_19061206 XVI Athens Athens Museum Duplicates 708 20 Greek, Sicily heidi
JHIR_19070201 XVII (Fixed Price) 1856 0 Greek
JHIR_19070527 XVIII Imhoof-Blumer Imhoof-Blumer 2515 39 Greek, Roman, Byzantine heidi
JHIR_19071111 XIX Virzi (Virzi) 664 17 Greek, Sicily heidi
JHIR_19071113 XX Hoskier Hoskier 736 22 Greek, Roman heidi
JHIR_19081116 XXI Weber Weber I 4747 61 Greek heidi
JHIR_19081125 XXII von Scheniss von Schennis 271 13 Roman, Constantine Gold heidi
JHIR_19081126 XXIII 942 47 Medals
JHIR_19090510 XXIV Weber Weber II 3657 66 Roman, Byzantine, Literature heidi
JHIR_19091129 XXV Philipsen Philipsen (II) 3276 35 Greek heidi
JHIR_19091204 25b 79 3 Roman heidi
JHIR_19100523 XXVI Lobbecke/Berlin Lobbecke Berlin Munzkabinetts Duplicates 981 24 Greek, Roman, Byzantine heidi
JHIR_19100525 XXVII Bally 1765 11 Baden heidi
JHIR_19101107 28 512 12 Medals, Plakettes heidi
JHIR_19101109 XXIX Lambros/Herzfelder Lambros, Herzfelder 2053 37 Greek, Roman, Literature heidi
JHIR_19110511 XXX Barron/Evans Barron (Evans) 1298 39 Greek, Roman heidi
JHIR_19120506 XXXI Gutekunst/Niess/Barron Gutekunst, Niess, Barron 2394 38 Greek, Roman heidi
JHIR_19121114 XXXII Virzi Virzi/Philipsen Library 758 23 Greek, Sicily, Literature heidi
JHIR_19131117 XXXIII von Schennis von Schennis K(orner) (Evans) 1572 39 Greek, Roman, Byzantine heidi
JHIR_19140505 XXXIV Garruci (Garruci) 2264 60 Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Renaissance Medals, Germany, Literature heidi
JHIR_19140509 XXXV Sambon Sambon 168 11 Renaissance Medals heidi

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Dr. Jacob Hirsch | 36 sales Jan 1898 - May 1914
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