Classical Numismatic Group
Lancaster, USA

CNG_FPL_1990_15.1 Review XV.1 archive
CNG_FPL_1990_15.2 Review XV.2 archive
CNG_FPL_1990_15.3 Review XV.3 archive
CNG_FPL_1990_15.4 Review XV.4 archive
CNG_FPL_1991_16.1 Review XVI.1 archive
CNG_FPL_1991_16.2 Review XVI.2 archive
CNG_FPL_1991_16.3 Review XVI.3 archive
CNG_FPL_1991_16.4 Review XVI.4 archive
CNG_FPL_1992_17.1 Review XVII.1 archive
CNG_FPL_1992_17.2 Review XVII.2 archive
CNG_FPL_1992_17.3 Review XVII.3 archive
CNG_FPL_1992_17.4 Review XVII.4 archive
CNG_FPL_1993_18.2 Review XVIII.2 archive
CNG_FPL_1993_18.3 Review XVIII.3 archive
CNG_FPL_1993_18.4 Review XVIII.4 archive
CNG_FPL_1994_19.1 Review XIX.1 archive
CNG_FPL_1994_19.2 Review XIX.2 archive
CNG_FPL_1994_19.3 Review XIX.3 archive
CNG_FPL_1994_19.4 Review XIX.4 archive
CNG_FPL_1995_20.1 Review XX.1 archive
CNG_FPL_1995_20.2 Review XX.2 archive
CNG_FPL_1995_20.3 Review XX.3 archive
CNG_FPL_1996_21.1 Review XXI.1 archive
CNG_FPL_1996_21.2 Review XXI.2 archive
CNG_FPL_1997_22.2 Review XXII.2 archive
CNG_FPL_1997_22.3 Review XXII.3 archive
CNG_FPL_1998_23.1 Review XXIII.1 archive
CNG_FPL_1999_24 Review XXIV archive
CNG_FPL_2000_25 Review XXV archive
CNG_FPL_2001_26 Review XXVI 186 Ancient, European, British archive
CNG_FPL_2002_27 Review XXVII 136 Greek, Roman, World archive
CNG_FPL_2014_39.1 Review XXXIX.1 issuu
CNG_FPL_2014_39.2 Review XXXIX.2 issuu
CNG_FPL_2014_39.3 Review XXXIX.3 Greek, Roman, World issuu
CNG_FPL_2015_40.1 Review XL.1 issuu
CNG_FPL_2015_40.2 Review XL.2 issuu
CNG_FPL_2015_40.3 Review XL.3 issuu
CNG_FPL_2016_41.1 Review XLI.1 archive
CNG_FPL_2016_41.2 Review XLI.2 issuu
CNG_FPL_2016_41.3 Review XLI.3 archive
CNG_FPL_2017_42.1 Review XLII.1 issuu
CNG_FPL_2017_42.2 Review XLII.2 issuu
CNG_FPL_2017_42.3 Review XLII.3 issuu
CNG_FPL_2018_43.1 Review XLIII.1 issuu
CNG_FPL_2018_43.2 Review XLIII.2 issuu
CNG_FPL_2020_45.1 Review XLV.1 issuu 20231217
CNG_FPL_2020_45.2 Review XLV.2 issuu
CNG_FPL_2021_46.1 Review XLVI.1 issuu
CNG_FPL_2021_46.2 Review XLVI.2 issuu
CNG_FPL_2022_47.1 Review XLVII.1 issuu

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Classical Numismatic Group | 50 sales Mar 1990 - Mar 2022
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This table is a date-ordered summary of sales for this house, plus some other useful details.
There may also be links to any online copies of the auction catalog that we know of.

The table also shows any paper or digital catalogs in our library:
rNumis ID=CNGFPL_1990... means we have a copy in some form
rNumis ID=CNGFPL_1990... means we don't currently have anything

Please note: these tables are almost certainly not complete and for more recent dates the focus is on sales with ancient coins. We do continue to add auctions, links and other details as time allows.