A.H. Baldwin & Sons Ltd
London, Great Britain

BLD_1994_05_04 1 British and Foreign Coins, Commemorative Medals and South American Patterns archive 20230910
BLD_1994_10_05_2 2 William J. Conte Late Roman, Byzantine archive 20230910
BLD_1994_10_05_3 3 Johan Christian Holm (Aes Grave) Aes Grave, Roman Denarii, Ancient, British, World archive 20230910
BLD_1995_05_03 4 Greek, Roman, British, World archive 20230910
BLD_1995_10_11_5 5 P.J.Donald Byzantine Gold archive 20230910
BLD_1995_10_11_6 6 Freya Woolf (Parthian); K.A.Jacob (English) Parthian, Indian Patterns/Proofs, English Hammered archive 20230910
BLD_1996_05_02 7 K.A.Jacob Greek, Roman, British, World, Literature archive 20230910
BLD_1996_10_07_8 8 Ralph C. Gordon West Indies, Colonies archive 20230910
BLD_1996_10_07_9 9 Blaker (Indo Greek), Greenall 1971 Russia, Indo-Greek, Nepal, World archive 20230910
BLD_1997_04_23 10 Leonidas Hermes Russian Coins & Medals archive 20230910
BLD_1997_05_27_11 11 Hamlet Coins & Medals related to mining archive 20230910
BLD_1997_05_27_12 12 Owen Parsons Ancient, 17-18C British, French, Italian archive 20230910
BLD_1997_05_28 13 W Conte, Phillip Greenall (II) Viking, Late Anglo-Saxon, Irish, Indian archive 20230910
BLD_1997_10_13 15 Ancient, World archive 20230910
BLD_1997_10_14 14 Ancient, Anglo-Saxon, British, Islamic, Indian archive 20230910
BLD_1997_10_30 16 Phillip Greenall English Trade Tokens archive 20230910
BLD_1998_05_05 17 Ancient, British, Russian, Islamic, Indian, Books archive 20230910
BLD_1998_10_12 18 Tankersly (W Indian); Eaglen Ancient, Edward the Confessor, West Indies, British, World archive 20230910
BLD_1999_05_04 19 Ancient, British, Islamic, Medals, Books archive 20230910
BLD_1999_10_11_20 20 McCammon Channel Islands archive 20230910
BLD_1999_10_11_21 21 Gorefield Hoard (pennies) Ancient, British, Islamic, World archive 20230910
BLD_2000_05_02 22 Sir John Wheeler East India Co., British India archive 20230910
BLD_2000_05_03 23 Michael Broome (Maria Theresa) Ancient, British, Islamic, World, Maria Theresa, Books archive 20230910
BLD_2000_10_10 24 Ancient, British, Islamic, World; Spain and Latin America archive 20230910
BLD_2001_05_08 25 Ken Wiggins Indian Princely States, East India Co. archive 20230910
BLD_2001_05_09 26 Murray (Scottish), Allen (Crystal Palace) Ancient, Islamic, World; Scottish, Crystal Palace Medals archive 20230910
BLD_2001_10_08 27 Ton Eijkelenkamp 997 Dutch SE Asian Territories archive 20230910
BLD_2001_10_09 28 Augustus Langdon (British) Ancient, British, Soho Mint Proofs, Medals, Numismatic Library archive 20230911
BLD_2001_11_23 29 Orders, Medals, Decorations archive 20230911
BLD_2002_05_07 30 Gordon Stanley Hopkins. Dr. GLV Tatler English Crowns, Scottish, Ancient, Indian archive 20230911
BLD_2002_10_14 31 archive 20230911
BLD_2003_04_01 32 Orders, Medals, Decorations archive 20230911
BLD_2003_05_07 33 Ancient, English, Russia, Maltese archive 20230911
BLD_2003_10_13_34 34 Prof. James C Brindley Ancient, Specialized Greek Coins & the Persian Empire archive 20230911
BLD_2003_10_13_35 35 van Hoof (Russian), White (Ballooning), Walker (Napoleonic) Russian, Ballooning Medals, Napoleonic Medals archive 20230912
BLD_2004_05_04 36 Gallon 267 British, Russian archive 20230912
BLD_2004_05_05 37 Mason (British) Ancient, Georgia Russia, British, Indian, Medicine, Books archive 20230911
BLD_2004_10_04 38 British Coins, Trade Tokens, Commemorative Medals archive 20230911
BLD_2004_10_12 39 Ancient, Rare Russian, Foreign, Books archive 20230911
BLD_2005_05_03 40 Ancient, British, Russian, World archive 20230911
BLD_2005_05_04 41 Commemorative Medals archive 20230911
BLD_2005_09_26 42 William C Boyd Ancient esp Roman, British, Foreign, Books archive 20230911
BLD_2005_10_11 43 Ancient, British, Foreign, India, Islamic, Medals archive 20230912
BLD_2006_05_02 44 1035 Ancients, British archive 20230915
BLD_2006_05_03 45 Sarnefors (Indian) India, Russia, South America, Europe archive 20230912
BLD_2006_05_04 46 681 British Coins, Medals, Tokens, Literature archive 20230912
BLD_2006_09_25_47 47 Gregory (British); Stiller (Indian) Greek, Roman, Byzantine, British, Indian archive 20230920
BLD_2006_09_25_49 49 Alistair Lilburn (Crusader) Russian, British, German, Crusader archive 20230920
BLD_2006_09_26 48 (date out of order)
BLD_2007_04_24 50 Gregory (British) Greek, Roman, Byzantine, British, Indian archive 20230920
BLD_2007_04_25 51 Commemorative Medals; Military Medals, Decorations; Books archive 20230920
BLD_2007_09_25 52 Ancient, Anglo-Saxon, English, Medals, Crusades archive 20230920
BLD_2007_09_26 53 Indian, European, Latin American, US Gold archive 20230920
BLD_2008_05_06 54 Diana Part 1 British India archive 20230920
BLD_2008_05_07_55 55 EJW Hildyard (Roman) Roman, Ancient Indian, South African, English archive 20230920
BLD_2008_05_07_56 56
BLD_2008_09_23 57 Ancients, Anglo-Saxon, Russian, South African archive 20230920
BLD_2008_09_24 58 Diana Part 2 British Empire archive 20230920
BLD_2009_05_05_59 59 Diana Part 3 419 British Empire, Asia, Europe archive 20230920
BLD_2009_05_05_60 60 756 Ancient, British, Foreign, Indian, Medals archive 20230920
BLD_2009_05_26 61 540 British Tokens, Engraved Coins, Tickets and Passes archive 20230920
BLD_2009_09_29 62 1051 Ancient, British, Danish, Spanish, Spanish-American, Banknotes archive 20230920
BLD_2009_09_30 63 792 Orders, Decorations, Medals, India archive 20230923
BLD_2010_05_04 64 Michael Hall (Part 1) 686 Medallic Portraits archive 20230923
BLD_2010_05_05 65 Rolfe, Nobleman (Russia) 1196 British, Ancient World, Russia. Medals archive 20230923
BLD_2010_06_29 66 Michael Hall (Part 2) 445 Medallic Portraits archive 20230923
BLD_2010_09_28_67 67 Michael Hall (Part 3) 663 Medallic Portraits archive 20230923
BLD_2010_09_28_68 68 Halliwell (Ancient, English) 1324 Ancient, British, Russian, Crusades, Medals archive 20230923
BLD_2011_05_03 69 1136 British Proofs/Patterns, World, Russia, Medals archive 20230923
BLD_2011_09_28 70 934 Ancient, British, Medals archive 20230923
BLD_2011_09_29 71 Yasoda Singh, Alan Harley 1091 India, Countermarked Latin Americ, Islamic, World archive 20230923
BLD_2011_10_04 72 Scott Goddard, Don Kabel 738 Australasian Tokens, British Tokens archive 20230923
BLD_2012_05_08 73 Bentley I 381 British Milled Sovereigns archive 20230923
BLD_2012_05_09 74 Lansen (Plantation) 1192 Plantation Tokens Dutch East Indies, Borneo, India, Russia archive 20230923
BLD_2012_09_26 75 Wat Aves (British India) 1423 Ancient, Russia, India, World archive 20230923
BLD_2012_09_27_76 76 Bentley II 550 British & Colonial archive 20230923
BLD_2012_09_27_77 77 536 British
BLD_2013_05_07_78 78 Fore I 724 India
BLD_2013_05_08_79 79 Bentley III 307 British Sovereigns
BLD_2013_05_08_80 80 989 Ancient, British, Crusader, Foreign
BLD_2013_05_10_81 81 602 Medals
BLD_2013_05_31_82 82 Fore II 292 India
BLD_2013_08_30 83 Alan Miles (King John), Quentin Archer (Russian) 1384 Ancient, British, Medieval Russian, Egypt, issuu 20230917
BLD_2016_05_04 99 Alfred Franklin 1071 Ancient, Aksumite, Etruscan, British issuu 20230917

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A.H. Baldwin & Sons Ltd | 84 sales May 1994 - May 2016
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