ARS Ars Classica - Naville & Cie Geneva 18 Mar.1921 Oct.1938
AST AstArte Lugano 15 Mar.1998 Jun.2010
AUCS Auctiones Basel 16 Dec.1973 Jun.2003
BASEL Muunzhandlung Basel Basel 10 Jun.1934 Mar.1938
GAL Galerie des Monnaies Geneva 6 Oct.1970 Oct.1981
HESS-AG Hess Luzern (postwar) Luzern 21 May.1951 Feb.1993
HESS-DIVO Hess-Divo Zurich 40 May.1995 Oct.2013
HESS-LEU Hess Leu Luzern 50 Apr.1954 Apr.1971
HLUZ Adolph Hess (Luzern) Luzern 26 Sep.1931 Sep.1943
KUN Kunst und Münzen Lugano 8 May.1969 May.1988
LEU Bank Leu Zurich 73 Dec.1965 Apr.2008
LGN La Galerie Numismatique Lausanne 6 Oct.2006 Nov.2010
MAI Maison Palombo 8 Jun.2008 Dec.2014
MMBASEL Muenzen and Medaillen Basel 83 Apr.1942 Oct.2004
NAC Numismatica Ars Classica Zurich 92 Mar.1989 Oct.2014
NGSA NGSA Geneva 7 Nov.2000 Nov.2012
NOMOS Nomos Zurich 9 May.2009 Oct.2014
RATTO Rodolfo Ratto Lugano 25 May.1896 Oct.1934
SBC Swiss Bank Basel 14 Apr.1974 Sep.1993
SINC Sincona Zurich 15 Jun.2011 Oct.2014
SKRED Schweizerische Kreditanstalt Bern 5 Apr.1983 Apr.1986
SPINK-Z Spink (Zürich) Zurich 5 Apr.1986 Oct.1994
STERN Sternberg Zurich 32 Nov.1973 Oct.2000
TKA Tkalec Zurich 18 Apr.1985 May.2010
TRAD Tradart Zurich 8 Dec.1982 Dec.2014
UBS UBS 16 Jan.2001 Sep.2010
26 Auction Houses - 626 Auctions
This Table shows a summary of Auction Houses for this country.
Also shown are the number & dates of those auctions in the rnumis database;
While many are present, many are still missing and will be entered as time allows.
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